This ‘Sh*t Honda Civic Owners Say’ Video Perfectly Encapsulates Every Civic Owner You’ve Ever Known

by 3 years ago

The beautiful part about this video is that it actually took me several moments to realize it was a parody, because it’s so spot on. I was sitting here trying to come up with what the most accurate part of this ‘Shit Civic Owners Say’ is and I’m stumped. It’s either the fact that he’s hanging out at what appears to be a middle school or defunct H.S., or the moment that he whipped out his vaporizer like it aint not thang.

I genuinely thought we were done with these ‘shit XYZ says’ videos, but there seems to have been a little bit of a renaissance in recent weeks. I’ve been seeing non-stop ‘shit ZYZ football fans say’ videos popping up again and now this.

Maybe I’m a little butthurt by this video because my first car was in fact a Ford Mustang, and until this moment I actually had no idea that Civic owners harbor so much hatred towards Mustangs. I guess that relationship’s a bit of a ‘one-way street’ though, because I’m not sure I’ve ever thought about Honda Civic owners except in passing jokes.

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