These Doltish Shitheads Took Smiling Selfies From The East Village Explosion Site

If you feel the need to document an extraordinary event, that is absolutely understandable as long as you are at a safe distance and are staying clear of emergency workers that are attempting to resolve the unfortunate situation. However inserting yourself into the narrative of a heartbreaking story by taking a narcissistic selfie is a bit fucking much. This was the case when seven “ladies” cheerfully took a selfie with the rubble of three buildings that collapsed after the devastating East Village explosion that rocked New York City on Thursday.

That’s right, the same time that rescue workers were searching for two men that were missing in the debris of the fallen buildings, these women thought the burning city block would make for a fantastic backdrop in their selfie. What Instagram filter really pumps up a tragedy best? Kelvin? X-Pro II? Probably Hefe for the high contrast and high saturation.

If that selfie wasn’t tasteless enough, they used a fucking selfie stick. To which I imagine the vapid skanks would justify it by saying, “Well duh! How am I supposed to get all of the wreckage of the catastrophe AND my super cute Michael Kors purse in the photo if I don’t use a selfie stick?”

Fucking sickening.

There’s so many people’s businesses and dreams demolished and local residents lost their homes. Then you think of the 22 poor individuals who were injured and then the dire news that the bodies of the two missing men, Nicholas Figueroa, 23, and Moises Ismael Locón Yac, 27, were found in the ruins.

Then there was Christina Freundlich who added a peace sign to her jubilant smiling selfie in front of the calamity that happened on 2nd Avenue. Her artistic photography was captioned “scene of the accident.” For some odd reason the photo was quickly deleted from her Facebook.

Instagram user jeaniebeanie101 seems totally devastated and sorrowful at the scene of the distressing disaster.

There was even a Univision reporter who took the time out of his busy journalistic responsibilities to snap a fun selfie at the scene of the tragedy.


Would you like some tourist with a fanny pack eating a dirty water hot dog, standing over your nana’s grave, dripping sauerkraut all over her final resting place and hugging her tombstone while taking a selfie with a Cheshire Cat grin? Probably the fuck not. Have some goddamn common sense and understand the significance of a situation and how your ignorant actions affect others.