The Smithsonian Is Hiring A Craft Beer Historian And The Pay Is Pretty Damn Good

If you know your craft beer — and not just what tastes best with hot dogs — The Smithsonian wants to talk to you. They’re looking for a Craft Beer Historian.

The Smithsonian Food History project at the National Museum of American History, in
Washington, DC, is seeking a professional historian / scholar to conduct archival and field
research for a new initiative on American brewing history, with special emphasis on the craft
industry. The position is located in the Division of Work and Industry and will be a three-year

The successful candidate will have proven experience in scholarly research, organizing and conducting oral history interviews, writing for both scholarly and general audiences, and knowledge of material culture and archival materials. The candidate will work with members of the curatorial staff on collections work and develop content for a wide variety of programs and applications, including digital formats.

Candidates with an advanced degree in American business, brewing, food, cultural, or similar specialization within history are encouraged to apply. Must be able to travel, work independently as well as within a team
environment, to meet deadlines, and to communicate effectively with co-workers and the public.

Alright so it’s a little bit more involved than just knowing the difference between an IPA and a Session. You’ve to know your history. So maybe do some Googling before the interview?

If you’re interested in applying, here’s the official job posting. The pay is solid, $65K a year to be a beer expert, and the bragging rights of being a beer historian. And mom said your drinking was going to get you nowhere in life.

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