Snapchat Is In Deep Shit After People Realized Their Bob Marley 4/20 Filter Is Basically Just Digital Blackface

by 4 years ago


Regardless of whether you’re celebrating 4/20 today, chances are that you’ve received at least one Snapchat from a friend using the new Bob Marley 4/20 filter. Now, I personally tend to err on the side of “You guys are being a bunch of fucking pussies” when it comes to people complaining about cultural appropriation, HAES, and other shit Tumblr cooked up one wild Saturday night that they spent in their parents’ basement. I get it, I understand it, but in 10 years no one is going to give a shit after the fad of being overly PC is over.

With that said, blackface is a different matter. That’s 100% racist, something that no one should do unless, of course, you are a racist who would like to openly identify as such. Yet somehow, SOMEHOW, the folks over at Snapchat didn’t think to themselves “Hm, you know what, maybe making a Bob Marley filter is a bad idea.” Granted, I understand that it wasn’t meant to be racist, but when you have a bunch of white people using a filter that meshes them with a black dude, you are basically creating the digital equivalent of black face:


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