Read the Leaked E-mails of Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel from When He Was In a Frat

Snapchat is all the rage with the kids these days, but the story of the tech giant’s beginnings in a Kappa Sigma frat house at Stanford is the stuff of a Sorkin-y Hollywood melodrama. Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel (who once pitched the app to BroBible — Hey-o!) and co-founder Bobby Murphy have been under fire in the courts for possibly screwing a friend/fraternity brother at Stanford out of an equity chunk in the multi-billion dollar company.  But before all that, Spiegel was a college kid just like the rest of us, one who even was temporarily kicked off campus for violating the school’s Controlled Substances and Alcohol policy. It happens.

Today a bunch of fraternity list-serve e-mails from Spiegel’s frat days at Stanford have leaked to ValleyWag. It’s filled with stereotypical frat boy e-mail chain banter, which will either make you love him or hate him.

The moral of the story? No matter how much you love your brothers, if you become worth a couple billion on paper, someone is going to spill the beans on your old list serve emails.

“Hope at least six girls sucked your dicks last night.”


Here he is discussing what to do with a stripper pole in the fraternity house.

Here he is discussing booze and GETTING TURNT THE FUCK UP.


Here he is recapping a particularly bitchin’ rager:


Hey! Here Evan is saying “Have some girl put your large kappa sigma dick down her throat.”

Here he is saying mean things about Sigma Nu.

Here he is talking about “Sororisluts”


And here he is planning for a theme party:


There are more leaked e-mails from the Snapchat founder during his fraternity days over at Valley Wag, so I suggest jumping over there to read them.

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