If You Snapchat, You Should Probably Know There’s a Website Posting All Your Private, Dirty Photos

Images can still be preserved if captured on a Jailbroken device or photographed from another handset, which has led to the latest breach in users’ privacy.

Snapchat Leaked claims to ‘show those snaps that don’t want to be seen’ and has begun posting images on Facebook and Twitter, mostly of boobs, bums and other body parts.

The page has attracted 534,000 Likes in just 20 hours, encouraging fans to submit their own surreptitiously obtained pictures.

Some followers have criticised the page and warned that it could face legal action, while others have used it simply as an opportunity to critique the various naked bodies.


Just another cautionary tale about watching what you share through a precievably “safe” photo-sharing app that isn't all that safe. Be careful interneting, Internet.

Pic via Beta Beat

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