Snapchat’s Founding Bros Were Frat as F*ck


All of this started to sound very familiar, so I did a little digging through the BroBible Tips inbox. And what do you know?! but I found an e-mail from 2011 sent by Snapchat founder Evan Spiegel himself, back when it was still called PIcaboo. Dated September 7th, it's basically verbatim the e-mail sent to Nicole, including the use of “certified bro”:


The pic proving said “certified broness” was attached. It was still buried in my inbox: 


Yep, looks pretty Bro to us. Anyway, Tech Crunch has text messages between the founders of the company that support Brown's claim of being kicked out. The dialogue is quite fratty:


The takeaway? Remember that nothing is official until you have it in writing. Have a good idea? A business plan with buddies? GET IT IN WRITING, just in case it does blow up to an insane $800 million valuation.

Trust… Those are words to live by, Bros. 

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