Bro Sells Amazing Sneaker Collection For $160K And It’s All Because Of A Woman

A Chinese sneaker pimp sold his collection to probably move out of his parent’s house.

In the face of Beijing’s dauntingly pricey property market, a man must make sacrifices if he doesn’t want to live in a yurt. For this guy, it meant parting with 283 pairs of Nike Jordan sneakers, a collection he’d acquired over a span of 20 years.

Mike, the 30-year-old man was able to pawn off his Jordans in Beijing for one million yuan on Monday, all of which he plans on using to put a down-payment on an apartment before he gets married, Legal Evening News reports.

The shoes were valued at 1.8 million yuan, according to staff at the pawn shop of Beijing World of Pawn Co., Ltd. The owner plans on raising enough money to redeem the shoes in the next two months.

The entire lot got Mike an estimated $160K, and it figures, it’s all for a woman! He’s selling his sneakers to buy a place for his future wife to live and continue to crush his dreams. Sure, Mike thinks he’ll just buy the collection back but there won’t be enough room in the new place thanks to all her shit.

Run, Mike! Run far away from her. First buy a new pair of sneakers then run!

[H/T: English.Cri.CN]

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