Son Wins Court Battle With Mom Over Bar Mitzvah Money And It Only Took EIGHT YEARS

How long would you go to war for money owed to you? This bro went eight years to finally get his Bar Mitvah money from his mom. Eight years!

Long Island student Jordan Zeidman, 20, recorded the long-overdue legal victory over his mother when he sued her for his shekels and a judge ruled in his favor on Tuesday.

Zeidman said he was promised the money by his maternal grandmother, Rachel Steinfeld, whom he calls Baba, at his 2007 bar mitzvah.

Apparently, Baba promised Jordan $5,000 on his big day but didn’t have it with her and was going to give it to his mom to give to him. The only problem — mom and dad were in a bitter divorce battle and mom and Baba actually CRASHED the Bar Mitzvah.

Jordan had on his side proof positive that Baba made the statement.

Other evidence introduced by Jordan included a bank statement confirming deposits into his college fund. At the top of the document is a handwritten note saying, “I owe Jordan $190 + $5,000 from Baba,” court papers say.

But perhaps my favorite part of this whole sad saga is this little gem of info from the NY Post — “Shirley, who answered the door to her Syosset home dressed in a baby-blue robe and holding an ice pop, refused to comment.”


[via NY Post]

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