‘Sorry I Was Being Stupid’ – Man Records Final Goodbye To Family As He Believes He Is Dying After Deadly Bike Crash

Kevin Diepenbrock absolutely believed he was dying after a deadly bike crash, so he took what he assumed was his last moments to tell his family that he loved them.

Despite being barely able to breathe, he filmed his final goodbyes to his parents and his wife. Diepenbrock made one last final plea to his family in a video as he laid helpless in a ravine.

“Hey, everybody, I fucked up, that’s all I can really say. At about 10:30 this morning. Been laying here ever since. About 50 feet down in the ravine. I just wanted to say I love you guys. Sorry I was being stupid, but you know that’s what I do.”

On Oct. 15, Diepenbrock and Phillip Polito, his riding companion and co-worker at a natural gas plant near Philadelphia, were thrown more han 100-feet down a rocky embankment after their motorcycles collided. Polito, 29, was killed in the crash.

However, the 41-year-old Diepenbrock would survive the motorcycle crash. He was flung down the road, out of the sight of other motorists. Then 30 hours later and several videos later, Diepenbrock was saved. He did suffer two punctured lungs, 17 breaks in 12 ribs and multiple spinal fractures.

On Monday night at a hospital room at the University of Tennessee Medical Center, Kevin watched his videos that he truly believed would be the last in his life.

What a crazy turn of events for a man who was sure that he was about to die.