Spanish Prime Minister Tries To Ban All Memes From The Country Of Spain, Gets Brutally Torched By Trolls

by 1 year ago
Spain Prime Minister Bans Memes


If you’re Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy then you’re having a pretty crummy day right now after your ruling party (PP, Popular Party) tried to ban all memes from the country of Spain and that shit blew right up in your face.

Naturally, the wonderful meme artists of Spain didn’t take kindly to their Prime Minister’s attempts to quell humor, nor did the protector’s of free speech. All hell broke loose and now the Prime Minister of Spain, Mariano Rajoy, is getting absolutely torched all across social media with people using the hashtag #SinMemesNoHayDemocracia to express their extreme displeasure at his attempt to silence the masses.


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