Sperm Bank Sued After ‘Genius’ Donor Revealed To Be Schizophrenic Felon And The Number Of Kids He Fathered Is Troubling

According to court documents, a man who donated sperm to two Vancouver families so that they could have children through artificial insemination was falsely characterized and improperly screened. The donor wasn’t just lying about his life, he was a diagnosed schizophrenia with a ton of other issues.

The plaintiffs, who are identified only by initials, are suing the Atlanta-based sperm bank Xytex Corporation and the Genesis Fertility Centre Inc. in Vancouver, British Columbia. The Vancouver lawsuits come two months after three families in Ontario sued Xytex about the same donor.

The official files on the Xytex website claimed the donor had an “impressive health history” and “an IQ of 160, a bachelors and masters degree, and was working toward a PhD in neuroscience engineering.” In actuality, his name is James Christian Aggeles, and he’d been diagnosed in 2000 with “schizophrenia, narcissistic personality disorder, a drug-induced psychotic disorder and significant grandiose delusions.” He was even hospitalized for mental health reasons and arrested several times while donating sperm.

So how did the donors find out the true identity of the anonymous donor? An accidental email.

“In 2014, Xytex sent an email to one of the donor recipients that accidentally cc’d Donor #9623 (Aggeles), disclosing his identifying information,” says the lawsuit. The donor recipients did an online search and found out more than they wanted to know about the loon.

This story will not end well. Not for the sperm bank and especially not for the kids born to a certified nut job of a father.

Because of the false representation, the couple says their children have a genetic predisposition to schizophrenia and will require careful medical and psychiatric monitoring as they age.

One of them has suffered “significant” mood disorders.

Aggeles’s sperm is believed to have fathered 36 children.

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