Can You Spot The Sniper In These 4 Pics? No, You’re Dead

Brent Downing is a US Marine who specializes in extreme camouflaging techniques, the same camouflaging techniques that enable our nation’s snipers to get within a few hundred yards of an enemy location without being detected.

US Marine Brent Downing also runs the a YouTube channel where he recently put together an extensive series titled ‘Camouflage Effectiveness Series‘, a series that was featured over on Business Insider. Over on BI they pulled a bunch of stills from Brent’s videos, showing just show stealthy a sniper can be even when they’re hiding just a few feet in front of you.

I won’t lie to you bros, I’d be dead if Brent was in the woods and trying to get a shot off on me. Scrolling through the videos and photos I was straining to see where Brent was hiding. Of course this all made me curious as to whether I’m alone in not being able to see Brent because I’m just an idiot (I am, you all tell me this daily), or if you bros wouldn’t be able to see him either. So I pulled a few of the images from for you bros to see if you can find the sniper. And after the pics there are a few videos from Brent’s ‘Camouflage Effectiveness Series’.

First up are the four photos with the sniper 100% hidden, below that are the same photos but with the sniper circled:

Were you able to find the sniper in each of the four photos? Probably not, huh? Well, put together a series of these photos (click here for more) and they’ve circled the sniper in each of them to make it easier for you to see just how insane the sniper’s camo can be:

Now if you’re still looking for more from the Camouflage Effectiveness Series you can check out Brent’s YouTube playlist below, and this video which I found to be his most informative:

[h/t BI Military]

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