U.S. Map Shows States With Most Adults Living At Home With Their Parents And The College Majors They Had

When I left home for college that was the last time I lived under my parent’s roof. After college, I lived and worked in Miami and I had to pay my own way for everything. After that scene got old, I moved to NYC and paid a fuckload more for rent and other shit and I did it all ON MY OWN. I’m not looking for applause, I’m just telling you this, because here’s the thing: living at home with your parents has it’s obvious advantages. If you’re not the dipshit to end all dipshits, living with your parents for the first 2-3 years after college could really help you set yourself up for the rest of your life.

I wish I did it. People knock it, but if you’re smart and you actually save and invest the part of your small post-grad salary you’d normally burn on rent and other living expenses, you will be years ahead of your peers. I’m not saying that living at home wouldn’t have it’s disadvantages, but as someone who wishes he saved more in his early career, I kind of wish I had some sort of free rent situation.

Anyway, below are a few charts of the states that have the most adults who still live at home with their parents. Shout out to New Jersey for blowing away the competition. They’re hitting the living at home with mom and dad game so hard, they’re about to lap all other states.

This Jersey percentage is unfathomably high. Wonder how many people in that 35.5% live at home so they could lease a BMW. I would bet it’s pretty high! (Side note: I live in NJ now, so I’m allowed to shit on it. That’s how life works.)

If the 28-32 year olds representing the 12% in the chart below aren’t millionaires already, they should be completely ashamed of themselves.

What percentage of the 11% of people from ages of 38-53+ living at home with their parents do you think are virgins? Has to be at least 77%.

And finally, here are the college majors that have the most adult children still sucking off the parental tit.

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[Via Earnest]