This Scary Infographic About STDs Will Make You Never Have Unprotected Sex Again

Of course, what I said in the headline is not true. We, as humans, are prone to be stupid, especially when it comes to sex. However, this infographic which covers just about everything anyone needs to know about the state of STDs/STIs in America might make at least a few of you think twice before ditching the condom.

For instance, did you know?
— It’s estimated approximately 19 million new STIs occur each year, yet nearly half of Americans have never been tested.
— Of those diagnosed with an STD/STI, 1 in 4 didn’t tell their partners.
— 25% of Americans are living with an incurable STD.

Yeah… I may never have sex again. Eh, scratch that. Still having sex, but damn…

Infographic courtesy Adam & Eve; Sex image by Shutterstock