Here’s Just Another Reason That Ordering A Steak ‘Well Done’ Is The Worst Idea Imaginable

If you can’t taste a hint of blood in your steak then you need to reevaluate your entire life. Vegans and PETA want you to believe that ‘meat is murder’, but IMHO it’s only murder when you’re cooking it well done and can’t taste a goddamn thing but flesh and char.

A steak should only ever be eaten at a temperature of ‘medium rare’, and if it slides into the realm of ‘rare’ or ‘medium’, so be it, but it should always be ordered at ‘medium rare’. Flavor profile aside, new research has actually suggested that ordering a steak ‘medium-well’ to ‘well’ can actually lead to SERIOUS health problems later in life, including (but not limited to) Alzheimer’s Disease.

The Metro UK is reporting that there is a correlation between when people ‘brown or blacken certain foods’ and those people developing cognitive diseases later in life:

Scientists have discovered that compounds known as ‘glycotoxins’, which form when we brown or blacken certain foods, may actually increase the risk of age-related dementia.

So, when it comes to ordering your steak, it would be advisable to have it rare.

The new discovery is based on findings by researchers at the Icahn School of Medicine in the US, who found that mice raised on a diet rich in glycotoxins were more likely to develop dementia-like cognitive and movement problems than mice who were led on a low-glycotoxin diet.

Those with the high-glycotoxin diet also had increased amounts of amyloid beta proteins in their brains, which are the same proteins that form plaque in the brains of Alzheimer’s sufferers.

The researchers then monitored the amount of glycotoxins in the blood of 93 New Yorkers aged over 60 for nine months.

They discovered that the participants with high levels of AGE Glycotoxins in their blood experienced greater decline than those who didn’t.

But dementia experts have said that, while the results are interesting, they are not necessarily conclusive pending further investigation.

So while nothing is OFFICIAL yet, I think it’s obviously safe to assume that if you’re still ordering steak cooked at any temperature other than ‘medium rare’ then you need to change your foolish behavior RIGHT NOW. Not only are you doing a disservice to your taste buds, but there’s a slight chance that you could be causing your brain serious health issues down the line.

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