Stephen Hawking Basically Says We’re Totally F**ked If Aliens Find Us, But He Gives A Reason For Hope

Renowned physicist and arguably the most brilliant human being alive, Stephen Hawking, issued a grave warning regarding contact with an alien race. He compared human contact with aliens akin to Christopher Columbus’ first contact with Native Americans in the New World in an effort to show just show bloody things could turn in a heartbeat. In addition to stating that we could be in contact with an alien race within the next 10 years he did offer a sliver of hope, though, one solution that could put us out in front of an alien slaughter.

via the UK’s Daily Star:

Hawking has lifted the lid on the possibility of extraterrestrial life living on Earth-like planet Gliese 832c.
Although the planet is 16 lightyears away, the cosmologist revealed we should still be able to “hear” from aliens if they are out there.
He said: “If intelligent life has evolved, we should be able to hear it.
“One day we might receive a signal from a planet like this.”

But the 74-year-old raised serious questions about what we should do if we receive a signal from so-called aliens.
And a meeting with an “advanced civilisation” could turn out badly, Mr Hawking said.
He warned: “But we should be wary of answering back. Meeting an advanced civilisation could be like Native Americans encountering Columbus. That didn’t turn out so well.”
He revealed we could find life in our solar system within 10 years and where we may find them.

Solution? Find the aliens before they find us. The United States has been involved in some sort of war for roughly 93% of the time we’ve been a country, it only makes sense that we’d take our vast military power off of Planet Earth and start fucking up some alien planets. If other countries want to join us we should welcome that, this might be the first time about a century that Russia and the United States could unite in the face of a common enemy: aliens trying to fuck us up before we fuck them up.

Upon finishing up this blog I suddenly realized that my fellow blogger David Covucci actually covered this news…an ENTIRE year ago…and the Daily Star is just regurgitating old content. So F them for that, but props to David for jumping on this story when it was news a year ago. It appears the reason that Stephen Hawking’s doomsday prediction is making news again is because of the recent discovery of planets capable of sustaining life, but it’s still bush league for websites to pass this off as ‘new’ news.

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