Stolen Valor: Completely Wasted Dude Caught Impersonating Army Ranger Gets Called Out By Veteran At Walmart

I don’t know why people keep wearing the sacred uniform of military officers who has sacrificed so much for this great nation. But it appears that another person was caught in a new stolen valor video.

A veteran was leaving a Walmart in Texas when hs saw a man in a military uniform. He went to shake his hand and he knew immediately that this man was inappropriately pretending to be a member of the “U.S. military. Before he even says a word, you know this fucknut is not in the military because of his beard. Secondly, the shitbrick is all kinds of fucked up in the middle of the day while wearing his uniform. Fucking disgrace.

He has no unit patch, he’s wearing Timberland boots, and his pants are sagging.

The valor thief claims that he is part of the “75th infantry Ranger Battalion, 101st Airborne.”

“Some of us wore that uniform — let go of my hand — and actually fought for our country,” the veteran said. “You don’t even know what the fuck you’re wearing. You don’t even know what patch that is.”

After being called out the prickwad says that he is retired.

“I’ve had brothers die in that goddamn uniform,” the veteran continues. “If you’re gonna be out here wearing it just trying to prove something or trying to make yourself feel special, that’s bullshit.”

“There’s a lot of my buddies that would whoop your ass right now for doing that.”

At the 2:40 mark you can see the camera start to shake because the veteran is so completely infuriated with this worthless fraud.

To which this shitbag retorts, “I just broke my fricken pinky.”


His brother is with him and he does not verify this twat’s story. The fact that his own brother doesn’t verify his story tells me that this guy is absolutely a fraud.

This shitstain claims he was deployed to Afghanistan in 2011

The Stolen Valor Act of 2013 made it a federal offense to fraudulently claim that one has military decorations with the intention of obtaining money, property, or other tangible benefits. The maximum punishment is a $100,000 fine and up to one year in jail for each offense.