Stoner Has Perfectly Valid Explanation Why He Led 30 Police Cruisers On High-Speed Chase

Jonathan Davis from Hendersonville, Tennessee seems like an upfront and practical individual. Last Thursday, the 26-year-old attempted to evade after he took off following a traffic stop for a license plate light that was out. Soon enough, there were 30 police cruisers engaged in a 90-minute high-speed chase of Davis, who exceeded speeds of over 100-mph, that extended into five different counties of Texas.

After his Mazda sedan was shot at multiple times, Jonathan’s car was finally stopped when police used spike strips to flatten two tires, causing the vehicle to crash into the median.

But before you get all sanctimonious, Davis has a perfectly reasonable explanation for his crazy attempt at fighting the law.

News reporters were at the scene to find out exactly why Davis put himself and so many other motorists in danger with his insane car chase to which he bluntly said, “I’m just done with it. I’m done with people trying to take my freedom because I smoke weed.”

You have to appreciate the honesty of Jonathan Davis. He also complained that he was tired of being arrested for weed possession because he could no longer obtain a regular job.

Jonathan Davis is the martyr for all those who have been imprisoned during the mass incarcerations of people for lousy pot.

“You drink, it’s 10 times worse,” Davis said in an interview.

I’d rally around Jonathan to legalize and decriminalize marijuana.

“Yeah, I have weed on me,” said Davis, who puts the “honesty is the best policy” theory to the test. “I always have weed on me.”

Davis claimed he recently moved into the area and was traveling to San Antonio, but he didn’t “know what the fucking roads [he] was on.”

Jonathan theorized why 30 patrol cars were chasing after him:

“Police pulled me over I guess because I was on my iPhone or something. I don’t know what happened. I am new to this state. I just moved here two months ago. I didn’t really pay attention to ‘don’t text and drive’ or whatever. So I did it, and he pulled me over.”

Cops shot at Jonathan’s car, and he wasn’t too enthused, “I didn’t know they was gonna shoot at me. … I ain’t even got no gun.”

Davis added, “I don’t like police.”

Davis did admit that he loved his “thrilling” car chase, because he is an “adrenaline junkie.” When asked what he was thinking during the chase, Davis responded, “I was Snapchatting, just be real. Snapchatting and Instagramming.” Those car chase posts are more entertaining than anything you’ve ever done on social media, that includes your wedding and the birth of your children.

Apparently, Davis threw drugs out of the car and “repeatedly drove the wrong way” on Route 35, drove on the shoulder and smashed through a fence during his high-speed pursuit.

Davis is charged with evading arrested with a vehicle, possession of a controlled substance, possession of marijuana, driving while intoxicated (second offense) and possessing a prohibited substance in a correctional facility. His bail total was set at $42,000.

Evading police with a motor vehicle can be punishable by 6 months to 10 years and a fine of up to $10,000.

Maybe I’m Monday morning quarterbacking this whole thing, but Jonathan probably should have just taken a knee, accepted the marijuana charge and be done with it.