‘Straight White Boys Texting’ Is Putting Douche Texts from Guys On Blast

The Internet loves, loves, lovesssss putting douchey guys who text creepy things to girls they don’t know on blast. I have to be honest: This sort of trial-by-text-screencap/Twitter-mob is probably one of my favorite things about the ‘Net in 2014. Dudes have been getting away with being creeps to chicks for far too long in the text game. Everyone loves swift and sudden justice. It’s like being able to go full Nelson at D-bags who ask randos for nudes and if they’re horny:


Anyway, there’s a Tumblr dedicated to these douchebags. It’s called Straight White Guys Texting and it’s putting douchers on blast. Here’s a selection of it’s most infamous work to date:

This guy, who had to mention he’s horny:


And this dude, who went straight to calling a girl a whore because she didn’t respond to his attempt at creepin’: 


This Bro needs to chill the fuck out: 


This dude is going for the nudes right away: 

This guy is asking about V-card status:

But that’s not stoping him…



DTF guy:

Sweet ICQ pick-up line, Bro:

Who calls it naughty stuff? 





The worst truth or dare game ever:

 You probably deserve, bro: 

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