NBC 4 I-Team Ruins Fun For Everyone, Shuts Down New Jersey Charity Golf Game With Strippers

[protected-iframe id=”83fb3c022414b94888c9a3df2bed3838-97886205-93351060″ info=”http://www.nbcnewyork.com/portableplayer/?cmsID=389564081&videoID=OIfBWQhXQjBF&origin=nbcnewyork.com&sec=investigations&subsec=&width=600&height=360″ ]

The Preakness Valley Golf Course in Wayne New Jersey had an unconventional tournament in July. By unconventional, I really mean ‘adorned with strippers.’ An NBC 4 investigation team went to the event where they snitched or ‘recorded a video’ showing the strippers all over the greens. Apparently a local strip club decided to throw a tournament at the club, with the intention of raising some money for charity. According to NBC New York, who broke the story during their post-Olympics newscast last night:

“The event in late July, sponsored by the Sunrise Gentlemen’s Club of Paterson, New Jersey, advertised a day of golf and girls for $195 per person. Police officers and firefighters were offered a discount.

Sunrise is familiar to authorities in Passaic County since it was closed temporarily last year after a prostitution bust.

The outing was billed as a charity golf outing with donations going to a range of causes, including the Dallas Police Department and unspecified support for those recovering from the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando.”

When the promoters said that the money was going to charity, they weren’t talking about donating the money to needy but rather a stripper with the stage-name Charity. Also, if you were recently investigate for crimes such as prostitution, maybe it’s smart to keep a low profile…

Anyhow, no laws were broken so it’s unlikely that there will be any major repercussions for anyone involved. While I can see how some might be shocked, I really don’t think it’s that offensive. But hey, that might just be me. Well, I guess I’m going to go build my own golf course, with blackjack and hookers! Also, all of those unfazed, middle-aged bros being interviewed near the end totally kick-ass.