Women Have Finally Figured Out How To Pay For College And It’s ‘Old Horny Rich Dudes’

by 5 years ago


It’s hard to pay for college without a little help. The usual reserves to tap for cash are parents, grandparents, student loans but women in Canada have a much better source from which to pull funds — old horny rich dudes.

SeekingArrangement.com, which brings together prospective “sugar babies” with deep-pocketed “sugar daddies,” says it has seen a 42-per-cent increase in the number of students signing up on its site in the past year. The site now boasts 1.4 million students worldwide advertising themselves as “sugar babies.”

The reason is clear: A sugar baby typically earns a $2,600 monthly “allowance” from their sugar daddy, pretty much covering the cost of school. Whether or not sex is involved is up to the individuals concerned.

So an expensive education in exchange for sex? Is it worth it? Either way you get fucked in the end but if you’re a woman who wants to go to school, and can’t afford it, it’s not a bad option. If a woman can figure out how to swing it without having to put out, it’s no different than stripping.

So which Canada schools are home to the most “sugar babies”?

SeekingArrangement names the University of Toronto as the school with the fastest-growing number of sugar babies, with 195 new sign-ups last year. That’s followed by Montreal’s McGill University, with 161 sign-ups last year.

Oddly enough, the University of Saskatchewan appears to be a hotbed of sugar baby activity, landing in third place (151 sign-ups) despite having a considerably smaller student population than U of T or McGill.

Oh, Canada.

[H/T: Huffington Post]