Start Suit Shopping In The Sickest Way Possible: The Showroom At Alton Lane

Alton Lane

Let’s face it: suit shopping kind of sucks. Although they are the slickest clothes you can wear, going to get one isn’t nearly as fun as putting one on after it’s yours.

You’re either trudging through a Macy’s or JC Penney in some suburban mall, rifling through racks of clothes with nary a floor person to be seen for help, or you’re hiking all the way to an outlet store, only to find the selections have been completely and utterly picked over.

Well, what if shopping for suits didn’t suck? What if there was somewhere you could go where, when you walked in the door, they poured you a whiskey. Yep, first things first, a cocktail. After all, your shopping for suits, not groceries.

Then, while you’re relaxing, a smart, stylish tailor walks you through fabrics and cuts. Best of all, what if I told you these suits were perfectly tailored to fit just you, and only you.

You’d say, “What’s the catch? A guy like me couldn’t afford suits like those.”

Or, “I wouldn’t be welcome in a place like that.”

Nope, wrong. The suits are reasonably priced, and it’s the most welcoming, down-to-earth, shop you’ve ever been to.

It’s real. It’s Alton Lane.

With stores in New York, Washington, Boston, Chicago, Richmond and Dallas, Alton Lane is fast becoming the place where all guys go to look their sharpest. Because shopping there will be one of the best trips of you life. No exaggeration.

Right when you walk in, whoever is behind the bar (yea, they got a bar) will offer you and your companions a drink. It’s always fully-stocked with every spirit. Get yourself a nice rocks glass of scotch (they have great ice cubes) and sit down. They want you to feel immediately at home, and you will. Whatever game is playing will also likely be on mute behind you.

After chatting a bit about what you are looking for, you’re walked into a 3-D body scanner. It will measures every inch, contour and curve of your body using 32 sensors to perfectly capture your shape. That scan will be used to make your suit. So it is literally, perfectly tailored to you and only you. Every suit at Alton Lane is a one-of-a-kind creation.

After getting sized up, and maybe a refresh of your drink, it’s on to fabrics.

Alton Lane

Alton Lane has books and books and books of fabrics. All of it is curated in house, shaped for the season, with options for any event or look you might have in mind. And you can completely pick your look. From the fabric and color, of course, but also the number of buttons you want, the stitching on the sleeves, the piping on the inside. Heck, even the width of the lapel. Make it the precise size you want. It’s really is your suit.

And for all that, prices start as low as $595 per suit.

That’s for the whole thing. Think about it. If you buy a $400 suit off-the-rack, you’ll need to get it tailored. Too look good, and not like a child swimming in it, you’re talking another 100 bucks. So skip that step all together. And get your first bespoke suit. These patterns are laser cut to perfection.

Now it sounds baller, and within your range.

Alton Lane

Again, you’re probably asking what the catch is. Maybe you are thinking once inside, sales people won’t let you leave until you present a credit card.

Not at all. Alton Lane’s all about making you happy. They’d just as rather you have a good time than sell you something.

So they’ll talk to you, show you what they think you’d like, and work with you to find what you want. The guys at Alton Lane would be perfectly fine with you staying there for two hours, drinking their booze and just chatting about suits. No sales necessary.

In fact, that’s what they like people to do.

We had a fantasy football draft there, but their shops are perfect for any or all events. Think about taking your whole wedding party there to get fitted for the freshest look possible. Or just a couple buddies popping in, like a visit to your own personal tailor. Heck, just swing by to watch some football somewhere other than your basement one Sunday. They’d be happy to have you.

If you wind up with a nice new suit, that’ll just be a bonus for them. And you. But once you give the experience a try, you won’t be able to do it any other way.

I know I haven’t.