Gamer Is Live Streaming Super Mario 64 And Drinking Some Beer When Things Go Very, Very Wrong

If you’re planning on drinking your very first beer then I highly suggest you don’t drink it while live streaming yourself on the Internet for the entire world to see. And I don’t know if this was that dude’s first beer, for all I know he’s a functional alcoholic AND one of the highest ranked Super Mario 64 players in the world, but judging from how he handles that beer during his live stream I’m guessing he probably hasn’t been a drinker for all that long:

Knowing what was coming, that the dude was about to throw up, I sort of felt like this lip reader from 30 Rock when Jack Donaghy invited her into his office to decipher what he was saying in a childhood video. It’s one of my all-time favorite 30 Rock scenes, because until that moment I’d never considered how jarring it must be for a lip reader to watch someone blow chunks:

Does the ‘puke and rally’ really apply if you’re just sitting around playing video games? On the one hand if you do ‘puke and rally’ and continue to drink more and live stream some more then you’re still pushing yourself. But dude, you just threw up while playing Super Mario and the entire world can see it now. I’m not sure the ‘puke and rally’ is the right play here. If I was that dude I’d probably get to scrubbing my accounts from the Internet and pretending like that never happened.

In other news, I had absolutely no idea that people live stream themselves playing Super Mario 64, and now that I know they do I’m pretty sure I have ZERO practical use for this newfound knowledge of mine. I was never a particularly badass Super Mario player, so it’s not like I’m going to go out and start streaming myself, and I never really liked the game all that much, so I certainly won’t be watching others live stream themselves in hopes of watching one dude puke all over himself.