Surgeon With A Steady Hand Has A Gift For Carving The Raunchiest/Most Sexual Pumpkins Around

Amongst thousands of other qualifications, it takes a steady hand that’s deft with a blade to become a successful surgeon. Coincidentally, these are the some of the same skills required to carve a spectacular pumpkin. The pumpkins below were sent to us by our boy Zach and they were carved by a friend of his who’s a surgeon, and they’re fanfuckingtastic…These pumpkins are borderline NSFW, depending on your work situation, but at the end of the day they’re just pumpkin carvings so it’s not like you’re looking at anything overly offensive, right?

You won’t find pumpkins like these sitting on someone’s doorstep while you’re out trick or treating because these are fairly NSFW pumpkins…They’re a gorgeous homage to Greek orgies and these deserve to be preserved and placed in a museum for all of mankind to appreciate.

First up, here’s the gorgeous orgy-inspired pumpkin our friend-of-a-friend surgeon carved for this year and below that are some of his masterpieces from years past:

I just want to send a big shout out to Zach for sending these pumpkin carvings our way, and acknowledge his surgeon bro for carving the best damn pumpkins on the planet!

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