New Survey Reveals Top 5 First Date Pet Peeves And Men And Women Both Picked The Same #1

Ever wonder what the worst thing you can do on a first date is? This survey of over 108,000 singles who were asked, “What actions would make you forego a second date?” has the answers.

Dating site polled its members to find their biggest first date pet peeves and here’s a shocker: men and women both agreed on what is the worst first date offense.

As Brandon Wade, founder and CEO of WhatsYourPrice, so wisely points out, “The phone may have helped you get the date but it has no place at dinner.”

Amen, brother.

For Women (based on responses from 63,460 members)
1 Cellphone use – 30%
2 Inappropriate touching – 28%
3 Rudeness to waitstaff – 14%
4 Negativity – 11%
5 Excessive drinking – 6%

For Men (based on responses from 45,349 members)
1 Cell phone use – 25%
2 Rudeness to waitstaff – 21%
3 Unengaged in conversation – 16%
4 Negativity – 14%
5 Excessive drinking – 11%

Note to self: Inappropriate touching, amazingly, not appreciated.

Bad date image by Shutterstock