Suspect In Shooting Waiting To Turn Himself In Because He Wants To ‘Chill This Weekend’

by 5 years ago

Which, I guess word? If you’ve committed a crime you most certainly are guilty of and are likely to go to jail for a long, long time for, wouldn’t you want one last weekend to maybe drink a beer and try and get laid?

Of course, this is a gross affront to the victims of his crime and the cops should do all they can to track this man down, but I guess you kinda gotta respect his desire to chill. Not that you can even relax, but not jail’s gotta be better than jail.

Domonique Stone, 24, of Indianapolis is wanted for shooting five people with a high-powered assault rifle, three of whom are children. Thankfully, none of the injuries suffered were fatal. Stone was supposed to turn himself into authorities, but police received a tip that he would wait until the beginning of next week because he wanted to “chill this weekend.”

… I didn’t know you could do that?

Here’s hoping he never gets to chill again.

[Via WTHR]