Bumping Texas Swingers Club May Be Forced To Reveal Eight Years’ Worth Of Guests After Neighbors Complain

A man in Texas may be forced to reveal eight years’ worth of guests after his neighbors sued, accusing him of running a banging swingers club out of his house in a suburban Dallas neighborhood.

Which, in the neighbors’ defense, he totally was. Dubbed the ‘Naughty Neighbors’ club, the house was listed on several swingers’ sites with entry fees and hours.

Plus, look at that pool. That is totally a fuck pool. That thing is definitely 10% cum at this point.

Randy Carter, of Parker County, Texas, is being sued by his Homeowners Association for being a nuisance to the community for nearly a decade.

“Extremely busy, loud, lots of traffic. It was a nightly thing,” said Chase Patterson, who lives next door.

Now, the lawsuit may force him to reveal all his guests, a number possibly in the hundreds.

Carter’s attorneys believe the guest list isn’t relevant to the case, but the HOA’s attorney is arguing it needs to speak to partygoers because they are witnesses to what went on.

“They can tell us about the loud music, about the lights, about the traffic. And we want to speak to them,” said attorney Luke Beshara.

The guest list could be quite salacious.

“We were told one evening that there were several judges and attorneys on it. So I’d be curious to see if that’s the case. We’ve been told everything else under the sun, too, though,” he said.

Hey, judges gotta fuck, too.

A judge (possibly a sex judge) is expected to rule on the release of the guest list by the end of March.

[Via CBS Local]