Would You Pay $5 To Bust Your Cheating Partner On Tinder? Because There’s Now An App For That

Sexy Woman Bed Phone


Hey, are you into cheating on your significant other on Tinder? Uh, well, the jig might be up after a new service called “SwipeBuster” hit the market. If you’re suspicious of your partner, go to SwipeBuster’s site, enter their first name and the most recent location of where they last used Tinder then the tool utilizes Tinder’s API to pull data that most closely matches your query and displays when and if that user has been fingering their phones in a left or right fashion.

Sounds intriguing, right? But the application appears to cost $4.99 per search. Sure, that’s cheaper than hiring a private investigator and probably not enough to get one of your partner’s friends to ‘fess up, but I can’t see a lot of guys ponying up that dough to track a hoe.

In response, a Tinder spokesperson recommended the suspicious party just sign up for a free Tinder account and get to swiping. But, Swipebuster is betting on the “time is money” mantra. Why waste one more second with a cheater when you can more quickly cut ties and dive back into the dating pool? This swipebuster service seems to be perfect for the bride with cold feet who wants some last minute reassurance before stepping down the aisle.

The big backlash from the Swipebuster service is not from cheaters who are pissed they’ve been put on blast and had their spot blown up, it’s from users who don’t want their personal information purchased. It should only be a matter of time before we see the inevitable Lifetime movie about the Swipebuster Murders starring that guy who plays Oswald Cobblepot from “Gotham”.

It doesn’t help Swipebuster’s case that their terms of service are governed by the laws of Mexico, which is an oxymoron.

Via DailyMail