8 Disturbing Things We Just Learned About Sydney Leathers’s Shameless Sexting Strategy

She opens up with this gem:

Why does having a sexting affair with a married man or even doing porn make someone a “bad person”? Give me a break. I'm not a war criminal. I'm a human being who has made certain choices, some of which involve my sexuality.

Yes, I've made thousands of dollars from sugar daddies.


So SHAMELESS. I'm sure no one will have any moral judgements at all about making money off sugar daddy politicans who want to candidly cheat on their wives. Nope, no widepsread moral judgement at all! 

1. All about that POKER FACE:

It's hard sometimes, but you have to keep a straight face. Like, Anthony would thank me every time he had an orgasm. I don't think I ever said “You're welcome.” Who thanks someone after an orgasm?

2. Act like you're a 13 year old girl at all times:

It's important to pretend like you're thinking about them 24/7 throughout the day. They want to be coddled like a baby. Basically, pretend like you're dating the middle school version of yourself. Like the prepubescent horny teenage girl with all these emotions. Lovey dovey bullshit, basically. Little stuff like “I'm thinking about you” or “I miss you.”

3. Ego-Stroke the FUCK out of him:

I messaged Anthony in 2011 saying I was “disappointed” in his behavior from his first sexting scandal. Then he “poked” me out of nowhere on Facebook and said he was “sorry for letting me down.” I love that he poked me. When “Inside Edition” asked me what “poking” was, I told them, “Yeah, it's a button on Facebook you push if you want to fuck someone.” I've deactivated Facebook since then. It's trouble.

I would tell Anthony how sexy he was, and he would want really specific stuff. He said, “What photo of me do you think is the hottest?” He would really want to know which rant on the house floor was the sexiest. What turned me on the most.

4. Drive him crazy with a delayed response:

Wait maybe two days before responding. Don't respond to anything immediately, ever. Even if you get it immediately, don't respond.

5. Try to go about your day like you're not actually sexting someone with a wife:

And actually have a life. Although, to be quite honest, when we were talking and sexting multiple times a day, I did end up planning my days around him. Pathetic, but at least he never knew this.

6. Use jealousy to your advatange. As George Orwell said, weakness is strength: 

Men will never admit it, but they like to be made jealous. They love the chase. Anthony wanted his ego stroked and wanted to control the conversation — but he wanted to fight to get there. It was basically like he felt like he was ranting on the house floor. He wants an audience.

7. Go for the one who you know will be DTSext, then NO REGRETS. #YOLO: 

You have to be comfortable that some people are going to brand you as an evil home wrecker. Don't read the negative comments or tweets. You just kind of have to own it and be honest and keep your head up no matter what people think of you.

8. While you're sexting someone high profile, sext someone low-profile BUT RICH to foot the bill for all your expenses: 

At the same time as my Anthony affair, I did have a guy who was sending me money. He would PayPal me sometimes. Like, “Here's 600 bucks.” I never hooked up with him, I just sent him some photos. I felt like I needed to. He was always like “I don't want you to feel like you owe me.” He was a bored, rich man.

So definitely: Find a horny non-politician to finance your politician sexting.


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