Taco Bell’s Now One Of The Healthiest Fast-Food Chains, So Go Ahead And House 10 Quesalupa’s Tonight

All those late-night cravings we get after a long night of drinking might take us to Taco Bell, leading to a bunch of cheesy-stuffed goodness, quesadillas and other, seemingly, fatty shit. But, according to a new piece by Yahoo!, it turns out that making a run for the border isn’t as bad as you think—well, at least it has options not to be.

A company that’s known for combining a soft and hard taco together with melted cheese has changed up its menu a ton, cutting artificial ingredients, switching to cage-free eggs and, across all offerings, seen a 15% reduction in sodium.

To be blunt, Taco Bell is giving customers more options when it comes to healthy eating, encouraging them to order what fits their lifestyle. Per Yahoo!:

Taco Bell’s game plan for growing healthy options while releasing craveable hits is simple. 

“We just really encourage people to customize to however it fits their lifestyle,” says Nelson.

From top to bottom, Taco Bell, especially in its online and mobile ordering platforms, has been subtly organized to promote this sense of choice — whether that be the choice to pig out or the decision to eat healthy.

That may not mean much to us drunkards who stumble our way to T-Bell when we’ve got a stomach full of booze, but for those who want cheap food while not waking up in a pool of grease the next morning, this is a good news.

Sure, Chalupa’s, Quesalupa’s and whatever other -lupa’s the restaurant releases taste the best, but the other shit’s not too bad either—so go ahead and order all the soft tacos you want, just make sure it has pico de gallo, no sour cream or rice stuffed into it.

[H/T Yahoo! Finance]

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