Takeru Kobayashi Goes to a Super Bowl Party, Naturally Eats an Entire Pizza in Sixty Seconds

How Takeru Kobayashi found himself at a party with a bunch of amped up Bro-types merely using his presence for circus-like entertainment is a story in itself, but that's all really just a sideshow to what goes down here. He's no longer the Great American hot dog champ, but there's not many things more Super Bowl-worthy than gorging oneself with a whole pizza in only a minute. 

In other news, this is clearly one of those cases where a bunch of dudes at said party attempted to exploit Kobayashi's unexplained presence through a mass “I'm hanging out a decently famous person right now” text–in which they'll fail to note that “hanging out”  was simply waiting in line after him for the tray of wings, and ultimately failied to start a conversation because because Kobayashi was actually kind of awkward, and/or is pretty annoyed with being treated as a spectacle rather than a person. Also of note, this sort of treatment every waking moment has nothing to do with the fact that celebrities end up having severe mental health problems.