Talib Kweli Got REAL Heated On CNN Over Their Ferguson Coverage

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We all know Talib Kweli as everyone’s favorite rapper to probably perform at your college and you kinda know maybe one of his songs, but generally find the show rather boring. Well, the rapper ain’t all lyrics when it comes to his political activism; he’s on the front lines.

Kweli joined the protests in Ferguson this week, and like many, he’s not too happy with the way the media is portraying the protests. He went on CNN with Don Lemon to hash things out and voice his disapproval first hand, and things got a bit… testy.

There’s spirited debate, and then there’s this. At one point Kweli even turns his back on Lemon and threatens to walk off the show. It escalates to Kweli criticizing not just CNN, but Lemon’s personal treatment of him. “You came up, you didn’t even say nothing to me, you’re on your phone the whole time, you ask how to pronounce my name… you have no respect for who I am, so let me finish saying what I have to say, or else I’m gonna leave.”

Dammmmmmmmmmmnnnnnn. This is some great television, but I think we can all agree this would’ve been a lot better if it turned into a bare knuckle brawl to the death. Maybe next time.

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