Remember That Men’s Health Article About ‘Talking To Women About Sports’? Well, It’s Gone

Earlier this week, Men’s Health posted an article that encouraged the male species to engage the female species in a discussion about all things sports. I didn’t read the piece but I imagine it suggested throwing footballs at their face and screaming “YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAME!” at women until they come up with a scheme to stop the Power O in a short yardage situation.

I guess I’ll never know because the article is gone.

Click the link and the page will explain you’re not authorized to read the piece that no one authorized Men’s Health to write.

Men’s Health got a healthy butt load of backlash about the article on Twitter. Mostly from women who love and understand sports and the men who know how to talk to those women. Still, gotta feel for that one guy sitting silently next to his lady, unaware how to broach the subject of the positives and negatives of the new MLB Wild Card format.

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