Taylor Swift Accidentally Released 8 Seconds Of Static On iTunes And THOUSANDS Of Canadians Paid $1.29 For It

For the record, I love Canada, but this was genuinely a dumb move. If Americans had done this would I have written “Stupid Americans” in the title? Of course! I’m not selective when it comes to calling out stupid people because anyone and everyone can be stupid. Hell, if I’d paid for 8 seconds of Taylor Swiftastic static I would’ve made the title “Taylor Swift Accidentally Released 8 Seconds Of Static On iTunes And I’m A Stupid Idiot Who Paid $1.29 For It.” Lucky for me, I don’t give a shit about Taylor Swift OR her music, so I managed to escape this one by the skin of my teeth.

In any case, Canadian iTunes released what was titled “Track 3” from Taylor Swift’s new album on Tuesday morning, and since Canadians apparently lurrrvvveee T-Swizzle the song immediately shot to the #1 spot on Canada’s iTunes chart…except, the thousands of people who shelled out their hard-earned $1.29 actually paid for 8 seconds of static. Oopz.

The release of the audio file, entitled “Track 3,” was reportedly the result of an iTunes glitch — but that didn’t stop eager fans from shelling out $1.29 to download the song…
As the Independent reports, it’s likely that many fans downloaded the song without listening to it first based on the fact that Swift did release an actual single from her new album yesterday.


That single, called Welcome to New York, is currently sitting at number 2 on the Canadian iTunes chart, followed by Swift’s first single from 1989, Shake It off.

Yet for some reason many people didn’t realize that it was just a total fuckup on iTunes’ part, and decided that they’d go right to the source to figure out what the deal was…that source being Taylor Swift. Yes, people actually Tweeted at Taylor Swift asking what the deal with “Track 3” was, because Taylor Swift is in charge of iTunes and knows the ins and outs of their software malfunctions. Brilliant.


Oh, and then we have the guy who gave everyone involved the benefit of the doubt and thought that the static was actually just the ocean. Sorry to burst your bubble dude, except I just lied and I’m not sorry since I love bursting bubbles.


As of right now “Track 3” is still at the top of Canada’s iTunes charts, but is no longer available to purchase.

[H/T and image via CBC, header image via Shutterstock]