These Teachers Had To Resign After All The Sick Burns They Dropped On Kids In A Private Chat Were Leaked



Before we begin, I should probably note the glass house I am blogging this from, and that if the contents of the BroBible Slack were ever leaked, resign isn’t a strong enough word for what I’d do.

Jump off a bridge, probably. That might be true of anyone, and this is a good reminder that in 2016, never say something in private that you wouldn’t want the entire world to hear.

Three teachers at Blackstone Valley Prep, in Cumberland, Rhode Island, resigned after a Slack chat where they repeatedly roasted children was leaked to the entire community.

Some of the choice burns? From The Washington Post:


In another, a teacher calls a student a “dumb a–.”

“Here’s how Hudson spelled Ta-Nehisi Coates: Tonahese quotes,” a teacher wrote in one chat.

“f—— idiot,” another responded.

And more, from the Providence Journal:

“Man I wish we could hit them,” writes one teacher. Another responds, “Move to Arizona … Start your own charter and commence with the flogging.” She responds: “lol”

“Did you ever hear from Hudson’s mom?” asks one teacher. “I did not,” responded another. “What a loser. Truly. There is more to success than where you go to school. Clearly Columbia doesn’t provide access to parenting programs, or if they do, she didn’t take advantage,” he writes back.

The teachers were at the school as part of Teach for America, and have been suspended from the program.

Still, some of the kids were crushed. Especially Hudson.

“It’s just damaging to think that the people that are encouraging you are just behind your back saying, ‘She can’t do it, she’s such a dumb [expletive],’” said Hudson. “I was building confidence, slowly and surely, but now they’ve wrecked that with a few messages.”

Yea. Pretty fucked up, teachers. Hudson’s dad was rightfully pissed, too.

… you can blow off steam, but that’s different from just slamming teenagers for struggling,” he [said]. “You can see, they called my daughter a f—— idiot for not being able to spell Ta-Nehisi Coates. That’s not blowing off steam. That’s a level of aggression and dismissiveness that should not be anywhere near the educational system.”

The names of the teachers have not been disclosed, but the director of the school issued this apology.

“I want to be crystal clear, many of the comments written are deeply disturbing and offensive. As the founding school leader, executive director of the organization, and parent of three scholars in the program, I am deeply saddened and disappointed,” Blackstone Valley Prep executive director Jeremy Chiappetta wrote in an open letter posted online. “Parents put their trust in teachers and the school, and that trust has been violated.”

Remember. Everything you say these days is public.

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[Via The Washington Post, Providence Journal]

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