Someone Checked In With Ted Williams (AKA The Hobo With The Golden Voice) And He’s Not Exactly Doing Fantastic


It’s been over three years since Ted Williams was plucked from extreme poverty by a viral video to do voiceover work for radio stations and Kraft. During that time, he also was the recipient of a $375,000 book deal and new teeth. Oh, those teeth!

Given all his newfound career success, you might expect to learn that it has lead to financial prosperity for Williams. It has not.

The very man who discovered him on the side of the road, Columbus Dispatch videgrapher Doral Chenoweth III, caught up with Williams recently to see how he was doing. As it turns out, he’s “a little under the weather” financially thanks to shitty deals with agents and managers and an inability to balance a checkbook. Almost four years after being homeless, he still says he can’t balance a checkbook.

However, all is not lost. Williams says he is still clean and sober and he plans on turning his financial forecast around. He’s going to do it through faith, better decision making, and with the help of the mustard seeds he wears around his neck.

Admittedly, I stopped the video once he started talking about mustard seeds. But hey, whatever it takes to keep him from being taken for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Relive January 2011.

J.Camm is the Managing Partner and Editor-in-Chief of BroBible.