Clever Teen Creates PowerPoint Presentation To Convince His Parents To Let Him Play ‘GTA V’

Grand Theft Auto V is one of the most popular video games of all time. One problem though for some of the people who want to play it: the fact that it is rated for those 18 years of age and older.

Imgur user Jestersheister has one of those teens who isn’t 18 yet and thus hasn’t been allowed to play GTA V.

So he did what any smart, enterprising young lad would do to convince his parents he was mature enough to play the game: he created a PowerPoint presentation. And a very compelling one at that.

As Jesterheister, real name, Michael Siemsen, put it, “13yo said he wanted to have a private conversation with us after dinner. We were preparing for pretty much anything besides a pitch for GTA.”

Entitled “Grand Theft Auto V: Why I would like to play it and my compromise” his son really covers all the bases…

Siemsen says his son “flat out that he made up this statistic.” Atta boy.

“He prepared 3 different final slides. This was if he got a “yes.”

So did he get a “yes?”

According to the Mirror, “He’d sold us like three slides in … Initiative and creativity go a long way. And the fact that he’s never even asked us for the game until now.”

Way to go kid.