Dad Tries To Stop Teen From Vaping By Replacing Liquid With Something Absolutely Disgusting

I understand, as a father, that there are certain habits a parent doesn’t want their children to take up. One of them is smoking, HOWEVER, like if given the choice between a son that smokes and one that vapes…I’d just go “alright well it’s possibly not as bad.”

This dad didn’t want his kid putting anything in his mouth. Anything except his old man’s urine.

A father has allegedly tried to put his son off using e-cigs by WEEING in the poor boy’s liquid nicotine ‘juice’.

In a Reddit post which went viral over the weekend, an anonymous 18-year-old claimed his father opted to use tough love tactics in a bid to put him off vaping.

The trouble began when the unnamed boy’s mum found his “vape pen” and gave it to his father to destroy. But the danger dad decided to go one step further by urinating in the juice, placing it back in the cupboard and then texting his son the words: “The world is my toilet.”

Sadly, this unsubtle hint was lost on the teen, who proceeded to enjoy the experience of breathing in great clouds of his father’s vaporised urine.

The best part in all this isn’t the teen losing his mind about vaping his dads piss. Nope. He’s “pissed” that his old man ruined all his stuff and he’s out money.

“I’m livid right now and don’t know what to do, knowing that i lost my Kangertech Subox Mini [a type of vape pen], my Horizon arctic tank, and $20 in juice – along with the fact that i vaped my own father’s piss.”

“Oh yeah, right, right, I’m angry about the piss too.”

The son is currently looking for revenge on the father and that’s what they call “motive” in the police business.

[via Mirror]