’90s Teens Teach The World How To Smoke Weed In This Gloriously Dated But Still Awesome Home Video

Every one in a while, you should thank the internet. I thank the internet every day for keeping a roof over my head and clothes on my back. One time, in a display of sheer gratitude, I even gave the internet a handy.

Sure, the internet is the cause of many, many problems but it’s also the place where videos like this can find new life.

These two classically ’90s bros wanted to teach the world how to smoke out of a bong. So they cranked up dad’s video camera, deleted all their sister’s stupid dance recitals, and schooled the viewing public on all of the idiosyncrasies involved with a bong that only true stoners would know. Helpful tips like “always be sure there’s weed in the bowl” and “making sure your bong water is clean.”

Also the handy tip of “protecting your lip from AIDS.”

These guys are probably dads now. Just sayin….

[via Death & Taxes]

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