There Is A Terrifying ‘Vagina’ Halloween Mask For Sale Online And It Will Haunt Your Dreams For Ever And Ever

And here I thought it would be clowns that would be giving me nightmares tonight.

Boy, was I WAYYY OFF!

Turns out that someone wearing clown paint or a clown mask is the least of my concerns today thanks to a “Vagina” mask someone has up for sale on Etsy.

As if the mask itself isn’t enough to scare someone into a coma, the description says that it is “fully functional.” I don’t even want to know what that means.

Before I show it to you I want to provide a “safe space” for you to return to after you view it.

Here you go… Just look at this immediately after viewing.

Okay, are you ready?

You sure?

Alright then…

You’ve been warned. For the low, low, low price of just $480 this can be ALL yours…

Here’s another angle just in case you haven’t suffered enough permanent psychological damage yet.

QUICK! Back to the safe space!

I don’t think I am going to even try to go to sleep tonight.

Happy Halloween, everybody!

H/T Elite Daily

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