Terrorists May Have Used The Playstation 4 To Plan Deadly Paris Attack

The horrific terrorist attacks in Paris that murdered 129 people and had over 350 injuries may have been coordinated over PlayStation 4. Yes, the same game console that you happily play Until Dawn and Uncharted on may have been the prefered method of communication to execute the gruesome attacks on the City of Lights.

French authorities are scrambling to find exactly how these ISIS terrorists were able to plan such an elaborate, multifaceted attack right under their noses. Standard communication channels such as land lines, cell phones and email are all monitored, but terrorists may have utilized the PS4 to facilitate their evil doings.

Terrorists could easily setup their own private party on a specific game and simply send messages or voice-chat over the PlayStation Network (PSN) online gaming service. They could even write temporary messages on walls in a game such as Call of Duty. They could freely plan their devious blueprints for disaster without fear of being caught because there would be little if any eavesdropping by government agencies on this platform since IP-based communications are so difficult to monitor.

“PlayStation 4 is even more difficult to keep track of than WhatsApp,” Belgian federal home affairs minister Jan Jambon said. Belgium is deeply involved in the Paris tragedies because they have arrested three men suspected to be involved in the attacks.

In 2010, the FBI pushed for access to all manner of Internet communications, including gaming chat systems like on the Xbox and Playstation, but the FCC did not grant the FBI access to peer-to-peer communications.