Meet The People Who Test Molly At EDM Raves And Discover It’s Mostly Bunk

How do you know that the molly that you’re taking at an EDM show is real? Unless you’re walking around a dance floor with a mini science kit, you probably don’t. That’s why a group called DanceSafe exists — they know that ravers are going to take drugs like molly when partying, but want to reduce the risk of harm or death by informing them of what’s actually in their drugs. Via ANIMAL NY:

“Whatever is being sold in the street often has adulterants that can be more harmful to the user than the actual substances people think they’re taking,” explained Kellye Greene, a director of DanceSafe’s NYC chapter. “I would definitely say a good one third of molly that comes through tends to be not MDMA, or MDMA with something else that’s present in it.”


Our friends at ANIMAL New York crashed a rave in Brooklyn with DanceSafe. They discovered that the “molly” being touted as MDMA was bunk as shit.

Read more about the street molly often being sold to ravers over at ANIMAL. check a video from their testing sesh at an EDM rave above.

Party safe and party smart out there, Bros.

Rave pic via Shutterstock

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