Texas School Cop Brutally Body Slams 12-Year-Old Girl Onto Her Face Momentarily Knocking Her Out

The footage below is definitely disturbing, and it is still not known exactly why SAISD Police Officer, Joshua Kehm, body slammed this 12-year-old middle school girl, Janissa Valdez.

Kehm’s suplex-like maneuver sent the middle schooler down to the concrete face first, and after impact, she appears to have knocked her out unconscious for a brief moment.

KXAN reports on the brutal body slam:

The incident happened last week after an argument at school. The student, Janissa Valdez, was left with a bump on the head, but is expected to be okay.

KXAN’s sister NBC station WOAI found that the incident occurred in the school hallway as a fight seemed like it was going to break out between the Valdez and another girl.

The student and her mother are now speaking about the officer’s use of force. When asked about the incident Valdez said, “I wasn’t going to do anything.”

She claimed moments before the interaction with an officer she “was going up to her to tell her let’s go somewhere else so we could talk but that’s when the cop thought I was going at her,”

Her mother said “You could hear where she just hits the ground it was nothing but concrete…..like cement.”

The officer is on paid leave during the investigation conducted by the San Antonio Independent School District.

Whoa. I understand that police men have a duty to keep things safe in the school hallways, and that obviously two students fighting is something that needs to be intervened between, but this is definitely not the way to do it.

Obviously nobody but Officer Kehm knows what his intentions were, but that kind of force just seems a bit excessive…

[H/T Mic News]