The Department Of Defense Is Sending An Elite Force Of Special-Ops Terrorist Hunters To Go Kill ISIS

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Hey Syria. You’ve been put ON NOTICE.

On Tuesday, Defense Secretary Ash Carter addressed Congress about the Pentagon’s on-going operations against ISIS. He’s about to unleash an elite force of terrorists-hunters on the Islamic State, according to the The Daily Beast. This squad of commandos falls under the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) and is being called “an expeditionary task force” with about 200 special ops members. Defense Secretary Ash Carter with a geopolitical mic drop that makes us pop a half-chub:

“It puts everybody on notice in Syria,” “You don’t know at night who’s going to be coming in the window. And that’s the sensation that we want all of [ISIS’s] leadership and followers to have.”

You hear that, ISIS? You’ve been put ON NOTICE.

The goal is to take out ISIS leadership and continue gathering intel about their on-going operations, according to the Daily Beast. They’ll also be carrying off hostage rescues, via:

JSOC will initially lead the targeting effort in Iraq, but the special operations footprint could be expanded to include other special operations forces, a senior military official told The Daily Beast on Tuesday.

“It depends on our success with the initial mission,” which will likely influence how much the Iraqi government will allow, he said.

“We will take every opportunity we can get,” he added.

The task force will be roughly 200 strong, based in northern Iraq, a second senior defense official said.

It’s the sharp end of the spear that will work with roughly 50 special operations advisers who are deploying to northern Syria later this month, to advise local forces how to fight.

Delta Force, except with real-life American badasses. Get ’em, boys.

[H/T: Maxim]

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