These Dudes From The UK Went Out For A ‘Quiet Pint’ Of Beer, Woke Up In Thailand

Drinking’s gift and its curse is that it makes us do stuff we otherwise wouldn’t have the balls or stupidity to try. Like, say, approach a chick that’s out of our league, or start a bar fight, or cheat on our girlfriends with some snaggletoothed slob of a woman, because strange is strange, ya heard? But rarely does drinking make us say, “ah, fuck it, let’s fly to Thailand, Bro.” And then actually see that idea through.

These dudes from the UK are the exception. They see their pie-in-the-sky, drunk ideas through to completion. This past weekend, they went out for a “quiet pint” at a local bar in Middlesbrough and somehow that turned into them flying to Thailand and living their very own version of The Hangover

According to the Daily Mail:

Phillip Boyle, a company director, had decided to go for a beer at the Southern Cross in Marton with friends for a relaxing Friday night.

But one turned to two and then three and more, and at 1am Mr Boyle, along with friend Jamie Blyth, 33, decided to head home, but their decision soon led them halfway around the world.

Mr Boyle, 33, said: ‘After lots of jokes, at around 11am the next day with a hangover, Jamie asks if I had my passport handy and came up with the idea of us going to Thailand straight away.

‘I thought he was joking at first and then he pointed out how there are quite a few lads from Middlesbrough over there we hadn’t seen for a while.

‘It’s a last minute bad idea – but one of those bad ideas that turns into a good idea.’

Tell that to the guys who have pissed off wives and girlfriends that weren’t thrilled to learn their significant other just abandoned them on a whim to go with their bros to Thailand.

To be fair, though, if there’s one thing bros love, it’s whimsy.

‘Some of the lads have serious girlfriends and kids and it’s been pretty intense for some of them,’ added Mr Boyle.

‘I wouldn’t like to be facing the grief that some of them will be inevitably going home to.

‘But no-one’s misbehaved to be fair. I think it’s a place where younger lads would perhaps go crazy. I’m single right now so no consequences to face for me.’

‘Today we’re by the pool and out to complete our version of The Hangover.’

Reason #8,900,301 to stay single: The ability to take drunk trips to Thailand without also having to take the guilt trip of a lifetime.