This Is The Most Difficult Exam Question In The World That 0% Of Test Takers Got Right, Can You Solve It?

by 3 years ago


The answer is NO, NO you CAN’T solve it because…

There is no correct answer! It’s a farce! Life is a joke-filled lie where we all die at the end and let our bodies rot in the ground! Yippee!

According to Mirror, the question appeared on a sound recording exam as part of a film degree course at Sheridan College in Toronto, Canada. The question itself is simple enough — but whoever made the test in the first place fucked up the answers:

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Personally, I would’ve picked “False” because the question is bullshit and everything is crap, but it’s not like it mattered anyway — everyone probably got a free +1 to their exams since the question is jacked. Hooray for incompetent teachers / TA’s!

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