Sending Someone This Link Will Make Their iPhone Crash Instantly, So Go Ahead And Start Trolling Everyone You Know

Everyone has that ONE contact in their phone that they hate, be it an ex-girlfriend, the annoying kid from high school who still thinks you two are friends (hint: you’re not), or even an overbearing parent who won’t stop texting you every 45 minutes to make sure you’re still alive after the blizzard. Well now, thanks to, you don’t have to deal with them! Through texting, at least. If they show up at your house and start bothering you there won’t help you at all unless you start screaming the phrase in their face.

All you have to do is send someone the link to and within 20 seconds their iPhone will overheat and die. Even some computers have trouble with the link, although mine hasn’t crashed yet.

As for having a link you can copy and paste to send to your friends, I’ve made a few incognito ones below that hide the name of the site which should work wonders:

Or, if the people you’re trolling are dumb and don’t actually read the links they click on…

[H/T Metro]