This Video Perfectly Describes The Hell Of Having To Pee When You’re Stuck In Traffic

Do you remember the first time you got stuck in traffic and you really had to pee? I do, vividly. Waiting in line for the Bay Bridge around Annapolis, backed up on Route 50 way past the Severn River Bridge. Nowhere to go because traffic wasn’t even at a crawl — It was a dead standstill.

The solution was easy: scour ever every crevice of my buddy’s Nissan Altima for a fast food cup, throw up a little cover over the window, and just… go for it and hope one cup can contain everything swimming around in your bladder.

This video from the web series Gridlocked captured just that. Gridlocked takes place in the traffic hellscape of Los Angeles, where I have to imagine emergency fast food car peeing is somewhat of a regular thing.

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