Throwback To The Time The Coolest Cop Ever Drag Raced Against A Guy On A Crotch-Rocket

Three years ago, a story broke about a Montgomery, Alabama cop who turned in his badge after being filmed drag racing a guy on a Honda CBR600RR street bike. It’s actually a truly endearing moment: After all, cops are people who like the thrill of a race too. But of course, this is nanny-state America where people lost their shit, calling instantly for the man to resign his job.

As you can see in the video above, the two are having a great time and being *generally* safe. There’s a silver-lining here, which is why this story is worth revisiting today: A few days later, the police chief decided to reinstate the officer.

“I am confident in this case that the facts and the evidence support that Officer Rogers deserves a second chance,” Murphy told a roomful of news media. “We went down the proper avenues to investigate this matter.”

Murphy said the city attorney and municipal prosecutor reviewed the video and said they would not pursue the case because there wasn’t enough evidence. After speaking with Rogers and hearing “from his heart the conciliatory regret” he had, Murphy decided to reinstate him.

“He cared so much and felt so bad he hurt us that he decided to step down,” Murphy said. “A man like that, in my book, deserves a second chance.”

Second chances. That’s as Bro as it gets.

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